Red red sun

Red red sun by M.K. Hajdin

Red red sun by M.K. Hajdin

New painting finished.  It’s 18×24 in, acrylic, for sale at $300.



This is next in my series based on the words that have been deleted from the Oxford Junior English dictionary.   I’ve done “acorn“, “adder” and now “ash”.



Ash by M.K. Hajdin


Elizabeth Catlett

The Negro Woman, lithography by Elizabeth Catlett. Source

Systems of oppression are complex, multifaceted structures that exist beyond any one person, and a massive amount of their oppressive power comes from the fact that they can make those they exploit depend on them for survival.

Jonah Mix


Read the entire article here.

Banksy.  [Source]

Banksy. [Source]

I hate TV, and watch it only rarely, so on a lark I just googled “People Who Watch Too Much TV” and came up with an interesting article over at The Minimalist.

This particular reason for not watching TV resonated with me:

It is taking you away from the real people all around you. The characters on television are not real. They are thought up in an office building and given life on a piece of paper. In contrast, you are surrounded everyday by real people living real lives. These real people are facing real problems. They need you. And you need them.

Have you ever met people who can’t seem to talk about anything other than what they saw on TV?  I meet them all the time.  How much of our lives do we waste watching fake stories about fake people, soaking up advertising slogans and piss-poor values, rather than living our own lives, getting to know real people, and thinking our own thoughts?

Read the whole article here.  (Skip the stupid comments; they seem to be unmoderated.)

Let us be clear: feminism is out to screw patriarchy. It’s not there to be wheedling and apologetic. It’s not there to teach women to cope with life as subordinates. It’s not there to promote a chirpy, can-do response to a cat-call, a hand on the arse, a tongue down the throat, an unwanted grope or a rape. And if you’re thinking “all this sounds a bit judgmental,” I do understand. I know words like “patriarchy” and “male dominance” make people feel uncomfortable (I’d call it “feminismphobia” if it wasn’t time we stopped pathologising dissent). I know some women have a deep-rooted fear of how feminism could change their sexual landscape. To support something which is ultimately for everyone – but not specifically for you – is difficult, but feminism is not about misusing words (empowerment, choice, freedom) to cover up the things we don’t want to see. We’re here to knock down the entire edifice, not repaint the walls.

— Glosswitch, “Sex-positive feminism is doing the patriarchy’s work for it


M.K. Hajdin:

Those who think feminists are all “victims” who are just victimizing and oppressing themselves should read this now. They won’t, because they’re smug, privileged assholes.

Originally posted on some of this must be true:

I’m going to depart from my usual program of feminist theory and literature for a moment to write about victims – specifically, the way that “victims” are constructed under patriarchy. To stop male violence – or, let’s be less ambitious, to reduce it, to reduce its effects, to help its victims, to help ourselves if/when we become victims of it – this is something feminists need to understand. And I’m not sure that we necessarily do, or not as well as we could. So this is an attempt to move a little further in that direction. It’s not my work, not at all really – I didn’t come up with these ideas in the first place, and then something like thirty other women have contributed, in discussions, over a period of time, but I can’t name any of them due to anonymity. I did feel, though, when hearing this and…

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Two new pieces


Blue Copper 3 by M.K. Hajdin

Blue Copper 3 by M.K. Hajdin

Here are two of my new paintings.


Red Red Sun by M.K. Hajdin


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