Why make art? Richard Serra at SFMOMA

In a short interview at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Richard Serra explains his view of the process.

My own experience has been almost the opposite:  I always thought real life was my alternate existence.  Reality was that tedious thing that had to be got through in order to spend a few hours or minutes living my true life.

Maybe growing up in a bitterly dysfunctional environment helped to shape that experience, though.  I used my creative ability to escape.  I still do.

Reality isn’t good enough for me.

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Action and Expression, from the Tate Gallery

This week’s Tate Debate posed the question, “How important is physical action in your thinking about or expression of a creative idea?”

It’s very important, but something we often overlook because we live so much in our own heads, forgetting our bodies.  Or at least I do.

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10 Songs that Changed My Life

Today there was a discussion on Twitter about songs that changed our lives.  Here are mine,  all written down for posterity.

I think our most formative experiences happen around the ages 11-14. At least that was the way with me. You can totally tell that I was a somewhat melancholic 80s kid.
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