Confessions of an accidental music blogger

I have become an accidental music blogger.

Klout thinks I am influential on the topic of music. Klout is just a tool that tracks what you talk about on the internet and how influential you supposedly are, so  I keep insisting to myself that it doesn’t really matter. Yet I don’t want it to think the wrong thing about me.

I pretty much live under a rock in the middle of a lovely Eastern European nowhere, avoiding corporate influence as much as possible while still having an internet connection. Music classes in college have made me aware that although I have good pitch sensitivity, my own voice is so awful that it hurts my ears, plus my fingers are too short to play the piano very well.  So it doesn’t make much sense to appoint ME as an expert on music.  Some automated algorithm over at Klout picked my field of expertise.  A real person would have known that my actual influence in the world hovers around zero.

Oh, and it’s impossible to pick “art” as a topic over there! Performing arts, yes, but there is no plain “art”. Why?

I started this blog to talk about art and travel writing, but  I can’t travel right now and the art is going slowly, so I have to talk about something else unless I want to abandon my blog.

I listen to music when I paint, and I like to talk about the music that I listen to, especially if the musician isn’t as well known as he or she ought to be.   That’s all.  The beauty of the internet to me is that ordinary people who have no training in marketing and no incentive to sell anything can give their unvarnished opinions about our culture.   That’s how you get the truth.

Once we start tracking and monitoring everything people say, and giving them awards for being influential, will that cheapen their influence?  Will they start to varnish the truth?   We will see.

For now, I keep my eye on Klout, but try not to take it too seriously.

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