Why I call myself “Exiled Star”

“Exiled” stars happen when a multiple star system gets too close to a black hole.  When one of the stars gets sucked into the black hole,  the gravitational pull on the other star(s) becomes so great that when the connection between the stars is finally severed from falling into the hole, it acts like a cosmic slingshot.

The other star or stars are catapulted away from the black hole…at such a velocity that they can escape the galaxy.

Those stars will wander in space until they eventually burn out.

They’re officially called hypervelocity stars, but I love “exiled stars”.  It’s so science-fictiony.

I have a fascinating interview with Dr. Warren Brown, one of the astronomers who discovered these stars, but I’m waiting to put it up until I can get ( or make) some good artwork to illustrate the story.  Also I think this blog theme is good, but not suited to astronomy – maybe I’ll do a blog entirely dedicated to hypervelocity stars.

Why did I name myself “Exiled Star“?  Because circumstances compelled me to leave my own country,  never to return.  So I will wander in foreign lands until I too eventually burn out.

I’m treated hospitably for the most part, but I feel like I  never truly belong anywhere.  Here I have the freedom to live and to do my art, though, and that’s what matters.

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