Electrocharge Your Life. Also, Top Ten Blogger Lies.

Cartoon by Hugh McLeod

I stumbled on this article about the top ten lies bloggers tell and at the top of it is this cartoon which captivated me.

Hugh McLeod has a website called Gaping Void which presumably has more art like this on it, but I’m afraid to go look, for fear I might see too many of his cartoons and fall in love,  and that would be disastrous, because he’s continents away from me and I haven’t built my steampunk dirigible yet.  Dammit.

Oh, and I never tell lies on my blog.

One thought on “Electrocharge Your Life. Also, Top Ten Blogger Lies.

  1. And thanks to Hugh, this post is the most popular one I’ve written so far.

    Brevity really is the soul of wit! Or, people really just like Hugh McLeod.

    Hugh, I’m just going to stand next to you and bask in your aura for a while. OK?

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