John Singer Sargent painted what?!

Everybody loves John Singer Sargent.  I post a mere fragment of a Sargent watercolor and before I know it, my site stats are through the roof.

All right, people.  I know you love representational art and secretly, or even not so secretly, think abstract artists paint as we do because we don’t really know how to paint.  You don’t want to see some amorphous blobs of color.  You don’t want to see something you don’t even know what the hell it is. You want to see upper-class twits in the fancy duds of yesteryear and landscapes of Venice before it became a tourist trap.

I care about you, my readers, even when you spurn the kind of work I do.  So here are some more Sargents.  The theme of this miniature online exhibition is:  Pictures by Sargent whose subject matter might surprise you (if you think he only painted rich peoples’ portraits).

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Dark Brooding Forest Photo of the Day

Forest Path

Forest Path

I took this photo while walking through a forest a month or two ago, but never got around to sorting them and putting them online.  But now that I’m too sick to move, I have time.

This forest is about an hour’s walk from my house.  I love to walk there at night, but concerned locals keep rescuing me.  Language barrier keeps me from telling them  I don’t want to be rescued.