In which I clean my brushes

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been too sick to do pretty much anything for the last week except sit here in front of the computer typing stuff.  Which is great for the blog, but I haven’t been getting any art done.  Now that I feel marginally better,  I must tear myself away from the long half-finished post I was writing about the differences between color field and lyrical abstraction, and do boring real-world stuff like clean the catbox and wash out my brushes.   Living alone makes me solely responsible for the state of this apartment, unfortunately.  I’m glad you can’t see it.  I wish I couldn’t.

It is FREEZING outside and even in here.  The only warm place is my bed, which has an electric blanket without which I would have long since perished.

More interesting posts coming later this week.  Hopefully.