In which I make a wildly ambitious plan

All right, world.  Here’s my plan for tomorrow.  I’m telling you all about it, so that the fear of public shame will spur me on to actually get it done.

1. Wake up sometime during daylight hours

(sad that I have to list this, but true: I have something called delayed-phase sleep syndrome)

Update:  Done!  I am awake at 1:48 PM!

2. Clean those damn brushes!

I have to do this outside, because of killing solvent fumes, but I have put it off because it’s too damn cold.

Update: Done!  I even cleaned my glass palette!  And I took pictures.  You’ll see them in the next post.

3.  Clean the rest of my apartment.

I am organizationally challenged. I can still see the floor, but my place looks bad.  Not health – hazard bad, but seriously sloppy bad.

Update:  There is so much cleaning to do, I probably won’t get this done until tomorrow.

If I succeed, I’ll post some photos.

“Guess what this is?” mystery solved

Interesting orange and brown abstract patterns

Mystery object

Art puzzle solution revealed at last!  Read on.

So we’ve all been wondering what this striking orange and brown pattern belongs to.

Is it an abstract painting?  A rock strata?  Some fossilized crud left on the bottom of a dish that hasn’t been washed for too long?

Good guesses all, but not quite accurate.

At last, the mystery will be revealed, after the jump.

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