In which I upbraid myself

I was supposed to clean the house today, but my sleep disorder got in the way.  I told you I have delayed phase sleep disorder, but that’s only on a good day; on a bad one, I have this.

The morning started off well enough, but I crashed around 9 am and could not leave the bed, though I did not sleep for a couple more hours or so.  My eyes were open, but my brain refused to process any information.  Finally I went to sleep and woke up just now feeling relatively okay, but it’s 6:37 PM.

I’ve had this disorder all my life.  Though I know intellectually that it’s not my fault, I still get angry at myself for not being able to stay awake and get things done like a normal person.  I live by myself, so if I don’t do things, they don’t get done.  This place needs to be cleaned, and I have about 3 hours to do something useful before my landlady who lives downstairs goes to bed.  (After she does, I can’t move around too much because the floors are squeaky.)

The view from my balcony #9. Also, inside my house

It’s like having a Eastern European balcony of your very own.

The view from my balcony #9

The view from my balcony this morning

If you’re wondering why I post so many pictures from the balcony viewpoint, it is because it’s the only place in my apartment that has a good view.

After the jump:  a behind-the-scenes look at the inside of my house!  Try to control your excitement.

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