The view from my balcony #9. Also, inside my house

It’s like having a Eastern European balcony of your very own.

The view from my balcony #9

The view from my balcony this morning

If you’re wondering why I post so many pictures from the balcony viewpoint, it is because it’s the only place in my apartment that has a good view.

After the jump:  a behind-the-scenes look at the inside of my house!  Try to control your excitement.

The balcony is too small to do much of anything except clean my brushes and/or stand and watch the sunrise.  Here is the room which opens out onto it.

My room that opens out onto the balcony

The famous balcony, seen from my bedroom

Here’s my room.  Two doors open onto the balcony.  This is because of stormy weather or something; it’s the door equivalent of double-paned glass.  On the left you see part of my sloppily made bed.    I can sit on it with the door open and look at the view.

On the right, barely discernible, is an easel with a painting on it.  Outside, many pots and window boxes hold my dead plant collection.  Once, they were live plants, but the winter has been too much for them.  A couple of them still show a few feeble signs of life.

Beyond the balcony rail is a field, and the valley view which you know so well from all my other balcony pictures.

Isn’t it strangely amusing to see inside other people’s houses?  I have not posted many photos of my interior, because it’s usually messy and it isn’t really decorated in a way which represents my taste.   Most of the furnishings came with the place and look like something from a socialist-era Yugoslav yard sale, which is probably exactly where they came from.

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