Lovely things I found over the weekend

It’s 3:40 AM as I write this.  I slept most of yesterday trying to re-set my sleep cycle.  Just woke up feeling sort of OK, so I’m going to get as much real-world stuff done as I can.

But because I know how fun it is to sip your morning coffee while looking at photos from your friends, here is a photo essay on the subject of things I found lovely over the weekend.

No. 37 by Mark Rothko

No. 37 by Mark Rothko

I like the perspective of the photo.  Usually Rothko’s work is photographed straight-on, but I like to see it in its surroundings.  The angle gives it a bit of mystery.

Many more beautiful things  after the jump.

Because you can never get enough color field goodness…

No. 10 by Mark Rothko

No. 10 by Mark Rothko

Below are some highlights of the bazillion photos that graced my twitter feed over the weekend.  They are all by Richard Jobson, who seems to have gone on some kind of photo-tweeting rampage, and I like his photos so much that I am afraid I fully encouraged this.  He has a real eye for beautiful things and his compositions are strong too.  Titles, links and commentary by me.

Photo-tweeting rampage part 1:  Saturday

flower pods by Richard Jobson

Isn’t this how the Invasion of the Body Snatchers began?

green leaves by Richard Jobson

leaves that are green

the leaves that are green turn to brown

rain on cobblestones photo by Richard Jobson

love this texture

road by Richard Jobson

the road opens up in front of my eyes

winter foliage photo by Richard Jobson

in the winter

in the winter I kind of shut down

reflected trees photo by Richard Jobson

a sense of ocean and old trees

a sense of ocean and old trees envelops and allures him

we'll make great pets

I burn for you

Photo-tweeting rampage part 2:  Sunday

old trees photo by Richard Jobson

The greensward

Archaic or literary : fresh green turf or an area of such turf
twisted trees photo by Richard Jobson

Twisted trees

 I  feel  halfway  to  zero 

branches like claws photo by Richard Jobson

Branches like claws

Clouds photo by Richard Jobson


I want to get my face wet, it’s been buried in the sand for years

♪ ♫ ♪

There were lots more, but I had to stop somewhere before this turns into Richard Jobson’s personal photo blog.

I learned something about myself this weekend: I don’t think I can EVER get enough trees. It’s from the soul scarring that happens when you grow up in a concrete jungle.  There can never be enough trees, enough green leaves, enough green grass.  I’d drink it in, eat it up, I’d breathe nature instead of air if I could.

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