Quote of the Day: artists and healthcare in the U.S.

When you don’t have what is considered a real job in the United States of America, you don’t have access to what are commonly known as ‘benefits’ in this country.

You get offers for so-called ‘affordable’ health care coverage, but I’m sorry, $500 per month is neither affordable or reasonable for an independent contractor or freelance worker in this country.

There’s a lot of shame in our community around this issue, shame about being outside of the ‘normal’ system.

— Laura Colby


This is the most brilliant idea I have possibly ever heard of:  artists trading their artistic services in return for free healthcare.   Click here to read more at the NYFA website.

The American healthcare and “benefits” system is the most brutal in the so-called civilized world. Had my own state a program like this, I may have never had to become an expat.

Woodhull Medical Center

Woodhull Medical Center, which hosts this program