Art Quote of the Day: Passion

Art by Andreas Charalambous

color field painting by Andreas Charalambous

Too often, we expect art to simply open itself to us and give up its secrets without work, like a TV show. And yet in fact, if we approach art as a tourist, simply looking for it to serve as the pleasant background, then is no more delightful, and arouses no more passion, then any other amusement.

The unique power of art is in its ability to yield up the deeper and more intense pleasures that come with knowledge of it. Invest in actually loving something.

— Ben Davis,   chief art critic at ARTINFO

A corner of my balcony. Now with more dead plants

A corner of my balcony

Corner of balcony featuring dead plants, glass palette and dead landscape

Here’s a corner of my balcony featuring my collection of dead plants (very Goth!) my freshly-rained on glass palette, and a dead-looking landscape in the distance.  This isn’t the best time of year for balcony views; until the new grass grows, the world is pretty much the color of mud.

Krsko, the glamour capital of eastern Europe

… and here’s the proof.

The Glamour of Krsko

The Krsko paper factory is ground zero for GLAMOUR

Don’t hate me ’cause I get to look at sheer fabulousness like this every time I go to Krsko to buy cat food.  It’s just part of the wild, free, romantic life of adventure that expat artists get to live every day.