Lost in translation

So…you might be wondering why I keep posting tons of other people’s artwork, but none of my own lately.  I’ve been working on a painting, but the process  has been very troublesome.  I can see the image I want in my mind, but it never seems to survive the attempt to transform it into reality.  So frustrating.

Since I have nothing of my own to show you, here’s some lyrical abstraction by Marilyn Kirsch.  Peek inside her studio here.

To be found wanting by Marilyn Kirsch

To be found wanting by Marilyn Kirsch

Abstract Expressionist Painting of the Day: John Brokenshire

Magic Moment by John Brokenshire

Magic Moment, oil on canvas by John Brokenshire

I like the subtle movement and the fish-scale color palette.

You can find more paintings by John Brokenshire at the Cupola Gallery.

His personal website is here with even more complex,  atmospheric paintings.