Handwriting analysis: the key to my painting issues?

scrap of paper from my desk

Exhibit A: handwriting sample from self

A scrap of paper from my desk, upon which I attempted to describe the problems I have had lately with expressing ideas in painting.

Somewhere between imagination and reality, I start to lose things

I have an idea shimmering in my head, but when I try to force it out into the world, it becomes a mangled mess.  I get frustrated and look for something else to distract myself for a while.

It’s interesting to look at people’s handwriting, isn’t it?  Especially now that letter-writing is practically a lost art.

I used to do handwriting analysis.  My own writing says that I’m a quick thinker, introspective, artistic,  slightly anxious, and like research and investigation.

Want a quick handwriting analysis for free?  Take a photo of something you wrote and post a link to it below.   I like doing this kind of thing.

A question for sock philosophers

You know those wonderful soft squooshy socks they have now?  Like these?

Soft, cuddly socks

Exhibit A: artist's feet in delightfully cuddly socks

These are made of some magic knit material that feels like your feet are wrapped in clouds.

Why don’t they make entire sets of clothes out of the same stuff?

I want some soft squooshy pajamas.