Handwriting analysis results: Laura

Handwriting example exhibit L

Quick analysis reveals:

Narrow margins:  Friendly,  “no boundaries”, gets involved in anything and everything; doesn’t know when to say no; is often overextended.

Some crowded letters: another sign of “no boundaries”

Relatively disconnected letters:  Intuitive thinker.  Impatient with logical nitpickers.

Simplified capitals:  Literary bent.

Upper loops but no lower loops:  energy focused into the imagination rather than the physical world.  Phyisically frustrated in some way.  Avoids confrontation.  “Escapes” into the imagination.

Undulating baseline:  changeable moods,  up and down, intermittent bursts of energy

Large writing, 90 degree slant:  Large writing indicated sociability and broad perspective, but straight slant shows skepticism or intellectual reserve

Big d-loops:  sensitive to criticism.

Pressure:  The force of the personality is average, neither heavy or light

Fast writer:  Quick thinker, fluent writer


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