Handwriting analysis results: Laura

Handwriting example exhibit L

Quick analysis reveals:

Narrow margins:  Friendly,  “no boundaries”, gets involved in anything and everything; doesn’t know when to say no; is often overextended.

Some crowded letters: another sign of “no boundaries”

Relatively disconnected letters:  Intuitive thinker.  Impatient with logical nitpickers.

Simplified capitals:  Literary bent.

Upper loops but no lower loops:  energy focused into the imagination rather than the physical world.  Phyisically frustrated in some way.  Avoids confrontation.  “Escapes” into the imagination.

Undulating baseline:  changeable moods,  up and down, intermittent bursts of energy

Large writing, 90 degree slant:  Large writing indicated sociability and broad perspective, but straight slant shows skepticism or intellectual reserve

Big d-loops:  sensitive to criticism.

Pressure:  The force of the personality is average, neither heavy or light

Fast writer:  Quick thinker, fluent writer


Want a free handwriting analysis?  Reply to this comment with a link to your handwriting  sample.

3 thoughts on “Handwriting analysis results: Laura

    • Sorry, didn’t mean to creep you out.

      Handwriting is gesture frozen on paper. Just like your hand gestures or facial expressions, it shows your personality.

      Gesture even indicates personality when an artist lays down a brushstroke onto a canvas. You can tell a lot about the artist just from the way they do that.

      • No I didn’t mean you creeped me out 🙂 Just kinda creepy that we are able to get all that from a couple of lines of writing. It’s really cool!

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