Handwriting analysis results: Aaron and Beth

This week I’m doing handwriting analysis.   I’ve already done Laura’s and today

it’s Aaron and Beth’s turn.

In alpahabetical order, here’s Aaron’s sample.

Aaron's handwriting sample

Aaron's handwriting sample

Aaron’s writing has the following characteristics:

Simplified, disconnected letters with no upper or lower loops:  Literary.  Intuitive thinker.  Unpretentious, straightforward.  No-nonsense.

Slight forward slant:  Friendly, respects social boundaries

Large writing:  Enthusiasm.  Philsophical bent. Sees the big picture, not hung up on details.  Doesn’t like small spaces or feeling “boxed in”.

Pointed top of the letter M:  Investigative mind,  wants to get to the bottom of things, loves a mystery

Ascending lines,  tall capital A in signature, underscored signature: Optimistic, fun,  energetic, self-confident.

And here we have Beth:

Beth's handwriting sample

Beth's handwriting sample

In Beth’s writing we see these characteristics:

Leading stroke:  “My” begins with a curved leading stroke, which indicates tactfulness,  consideration of the feelings of others, and sometimes difficulty with being direct.

Narrow margins: Friendly, social, not many boundaries

Simplified capitals:  Literary (as are all handwriting characteristics such as printing which resemble the kind of text you see in books rather than fancy penmanship).

Simplified capital “I” :  modest, likable personality.  (A huge ornate “I” would indicate the opposite).

Curved writing:  Easygoing, sociable, pleasant.

I-dots far forward of the stems:  excited about the future, a little impatient for it to get here.  Optimistic.  Visionary.

Closed o’s with loops:  Beth doesn’t automatically tell everything she knows.  She can be trusted to keep a secret.

Wide loops:  Sensitive.

But no wide loops on the letter “d”!  Beth is tougher in the face of criticism than you might think!

Heavier pressure:  Strong-willed.  The “iron fist in the velvet glove”.  Sensual.  Likes luxury.  (light writing would indicate spirituality and rejection of materialistic things).

Emoticons and Xs:  humorous, affectionate.

So was I right or was I way off?  Let me know in the comments.

Keep those handwriting samples coming.  I’m doing this all week.  I might even do samples of famous artists, if enough people are interested.