Revolting Font of the Day: The Palmer Method

This is an example of the hideous font formerly taught to innocent children in American schools. Thankfully it has now been abandoned, at least in California.

I remember many unpleasant hours scratching holes into the paper with those big fat pencils they make little kids use, trying to get those big stupid loops right.  They used to keep me in at recess to practice this shit instead of letting me go out to play like a normal kid.   A pox on Palmer and all his kind.

Look at the monstrosity below and tell me true:  have you ever seen writing uglier than this?

Palmer method writing

The bane of my young existence

Armory Show Artwork of the Day: Albert Pinkham Ryder

Moonlit Cove, oil by Albert Pinkham Ryder, circa 1900

Moonlit Cove, oil by Albert Pinkham Ryder, circa 1900

This seascape by Albert Pinkham Ryder was part of the historic Armory Show exhibition in 1913, America’s first introduction to modern art.  Ryder was already an eccentric recluse by that time and he died only five years later.

Handwriting Analysis Results: Sally

So I have done handwriting analysis of Laura, Beth, Aaron, Kate, and now it’s Sally’s turn.

Here’s her handwriting sample:

Sally's handwriting sample

Handwriting sample from Sally

Aside from making my stardust feel particularly shiny, Sally bets me that I can’t even read her sample.  Ha!  You lost that bet!

Sally has an interesting writing style called threaded writing.  People who write this way have minds that work so fast that their writing can’t keep up and sometimes other people have difficulty following.  Threaded writing also suggests a flexible, adaptable mind.

Upright slant:  Independent, rational

Small writing:  Humility, ability to concentrate on details.  Often found in handwriting of scientists

Large loops in upper zone:  Huge imagination, idealistic, prone to daydreaming

Big broad capitals, open “o” :  Likes to be center of attention, loves to talk

Simple letter “I” : Literary, unpretentious

Mixture of connected and disconnected letters:   Both logical and  intuitive.

Open lower loops trailing leftward:  Preoccupied with the past

Lowercase “g” shaped like figure 8:  Cultured

Weak t-bars:  unassertive, needs to work on self-confidence

Signature ascending:  Optimistic

How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like a handwriting analysis,  you can put a link to your handwriting sample in the comments.

Handwriting Analysis Results: Kate

As you may know, I am doing free handwriting analyses all week.  I’ve already done Laura, Beth and Aaron, and now it’s Kate’s turn.

Here we go.  The sample:

Kate's writing sample

Handwriting sample from Kate

I can identify the following characteristics:

90 degree slant: (writing does not lean forward at all)  Independence, self-control, neutrality, self-sufficiency.

Straight baseline:  Realistic,  disciplined

Idiosyncratic letter formations:  Artistic, creative

Almost no loops:   Gets to the point

Long terminal strokes:  Holds on to people and things, doesn’t like to let things go

The top of the letter M forms sharp points:  curiosity, likes research and investigation, natural detective

Simplified writing, block capitals:  Literary

Small capitals:  Humility

Disconnected letters:  Intuitive thinker

Broad letters, wide spacing:  Generosity, adventurousness, fearlessness

The overall impression is that of a strong, independent personality who does things her own way.



Was I right? Let me know in the comments.

I am doing handwriting analysis all this week.  Want one?  Just post me a link to your sample.