Handwriting Analysis Results: Sally

So I have done handwriting analysis of Laura, Beth, Aaron, Kate, and now it’s Sally’s turn.

Here’s her handwriting sample:

Sally's handwriting sample

Handwriting sample from Sally

Aside from making my stardust feel particularly shiny, Sally bets me that I can’t even read her sample.  Ha!  You lost that bet!

Sally has an interesting writing style called threaded writing.  People who write this way have minds that work so fast that their writing can’t keep up and sometimes other people have difficulty following.  Threaded writing also suggests a flexible, adaptable mind.

Upright slant:  Independent, rational

Small writing:  Humility, ability to concentrate on details.  Often found in handwriting of scientists

Large loops in upper zone:  Huge imagination, idealistic, prone to daydreaming

Big broad capitals, open “o” :  Likes to be center of attention, loves to talk

Simple letter “I” : Literary, unpretentious

Mixture of connected and disconnected letters:   Both logical and  intuitive.

Open lower loops trailing leftward:  Preoccupied with the past

Lowercase “g” shaped like figure 8:  Cultured

Weak t-bars:  unassertive, needs to work on self-confidence

Signature ascending:  Optimistic

How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like a handwriting analysis,  you can put a link to your handwriting sample in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Handwriting Analysis Results: Sally

  1. This is fascinating! The not being able to write fast enough to keep up with my brain is definitely true (probably why my writing is so messy) and I know it’s one of the things people sometimes struggle with at work because I tend to think quickly and expect people to keep up, without realising a bit of explanation might be helpful. I also really need to try and stop myself interrupting when I’ve already got the gist of what someone’s saying and try to finish their sentence to save time!

    I definitely have that mix of big picture + detail; and logical + idealistic. And I’ve always adored presenting at work, particularly when I have a big conference audience, so the centre of attention and loving to talk is spot-on in that context; at the same time the needing to work on self confidence is true when it comes to social relationships and aspects of my non-professional life.

    All of it rings true – the independence, rational, imagination, idealistic, daydreaming, literary, preoccupation with the past. Essentially I’d agree with everything on here! I’ll have to ask hubby to take a look.

    Thank you so much for doing this, it’s been such an interesting week seeing what you make of all my new blogging friends. Such a wonderful idea x

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