Revolting Font of the Day: The Palmer Method

This is an example of the hideous font formerly taught to innocent children in American schools. Thankfully it has now been abandoned, at least in California.

I remember many unpleasant hours scratching holes into the paper with those big fat pencils they make little kids use, trying to get those big stupid loops right.  They used to keep me in at recess to practice this shit instead of letting me go out to play like a normal kid.   A pox on Palmer and all his kind.

Look at the monstrosity below and tell me true:  have you ever seen writing uglier than this?

Palmer method writing

The bane of my young existence

5 thoughts on “Revolting Font of the Day: The Palmer Method

  1. I had SUCH a terrible time going from a to u to r in my name, Laura, the loop at the end of the a, turned into my first loop of u , and finally one day my teacher sat me at my desk and woudln’t let me up until I got it right. I guess I was really writing “Lara” kind of omitting the U, because the A looped….ahhh I dunno I’m glad that’s gone. They don’t teach it in Kentucky either anymore.

  2. Ahhh, it’s all coming back to me now! Yes, I was taught this. I just didn’t know there was a name for it.

    My daughter is learning cursive; she just started a few days ago. I’m so curious now–I need to ask her teacher what method they’re using. He’s going to look at me like I’m insane! 🙂

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