Handwriting Analysis Results: Shannon


So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally,  and Neeks, and Limebird friend Gillian.

It’s Shannon’s turn.

Here’s Shannon’s handwriting sample.

Shannon's handwriting sample

Shannon's handwriting sample

Shannon has some interesting writing going on here.  And yes, it’s easier to read in print than in cursive (damn you, cursive).

The printed part of the sample has simplified block capitals, which suggest a literary bent.  Tall letters also suggest literary or intellectual ambitions.

Changeable slant:  Shannon’s approach to people varies considerably depending on her mood, she can be slightly standoffish to quite friendly.  It is likely she experiences intermittent bursts of energy interspersed with periods of lethargy and tiredness.

Big d-loop:  very sensitive to criticism

Light writing:  Sensitive emotional nature,  possibly spiritual

Incomplete lower loops:  Unfulfilled in some physical way

Hook formation on some capital letters: Gift of gab, loves to talk

Words rising and falling on the baseline:  another indicator of changeable moods

Sinking baseline:  She is inclined toward depression and/or pessimism

Illegible signature:  not significant by itself, people who sign things a lot usually have illegible signatures

The overall impression is of a person who is very sensitive emotionally, highly reactive to circumstances, has to fight against dark moods but is ambitious for her future in some intellectual sphere.


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Handwriting Analysis Results: Neeks

Handwriting Analysis Week will continue into the weekend…

So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally and  Gillian.

Now it’s Neeks’ turn!

Neeks' handwriting sample

And here’s what I can make out despite my eyestrain:

Slightly backward slant:  Somewhat introverted

Narrow letters:  Anxiety, social inhibition

Arcade formations in the M and N letters: keeps feelings to self;  desire for  free expression but afraid to rock the boat

Curved letters:  Accommodating nature

Tall “I” that points at itself:  Wants public recognition

Baselines:  can’t read because lined paper was used,  however, Neeks seems pretty self-disciplined

Open left-trailing y:  feeling unfulfilled in a physical way (no, I’m not going there, she may just want to play a sport and not be able to)

Connected letters: Logical

Precisely placed i-dots:  Careful, detail-oriented

Closed, looped letter o:  Secretive

Narrow pointy capital D:  Tense about something in the imaginative realm, maybe an unfinished project?

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For some reason, I’m now craving chocolate.  Sweet,  decadent, creamy chocolate.

Handwriting Analysis Results: Sarah

Handwriting Analysis Week continues.

I’ve done the Limebird Writers and friends  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally and  Gillian.

Now it’s Sarah’s turn.  Sarah posted a link to her handwriting sample over on her blog.  Here it is:

Sarah's handwriting sample

Sarah's handwriting sample

The first thing I notice about Sarah’s writing is that it is greatly simplified.  The letter formation is clear and easy to read, but the style is idiosyncratic.  This kind of writing is often found among artistic people.  Sarah marches to her own drummer and it’s quite likely anything she does is distinctively hers.

She’s used lined paper, so I can’t tell anything about the baselines, but the lower loops get tangled with the letters below, which suggests that sometimes she gets caught up in other people to the point where she forgets about herself – but the tangling isn’t too bad, so the trait isn’t that major a problem.

Slight backward slant:   Slightly introverted

Simplified capitals (very simplified overall): Literary as well as artistic

No upper or lower loops:  Independent

Medium-heavy pressure:  Reasonably good energy level and vitality

Some needle points on the letter m:  Curious,  likes solving puzzles and mysteries

Narrow middle zone : Feels some tension in the social sphere


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Handwriting analysis results: Gillian

Handwriting analysis week continues!

So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, Kate, and Sally.  I’m waiting on a better sample from Neeks.

Now it’s Gillian’s turn.  Here’s her sample:

Handwriting sample from Gillian

Gillian's handwriting sample

And here’s my impression of Gillian’s personality based on her writing style:

Light pressure, relatively small letters, detailed letters:  Sensitive, gentle, spiritual

Curved letter forms:  Easygoing, pleasant, kind

Fast writing, simplified letter forms:  Fast thinker, powerful imagination

Upright slant that occasionally goes backward:  A rational person, introverted, withdraws into self when under pressure

Straight baseline, even margins:  Self-disciplined

Pointed top of letter “m” – investigator, researcher,  ferrets out information, plays detective

Big upper-zone loops, i-dot high :  Imaginative, ambitious

Full, closed lower loops:  satisfied with physical life ( good sex life? or just happy playing a sport or something similar)

Some simplified lower loops:  Independent

Wide word spacing:  needs plenty of space, physical and emotional

Connected letters:  Logical

Ascending signature:  Optimistic

Gillian is a somewhat introverted, but intellectually lively and emotionally sensitive person.  She is very imaginative, but her approach to life is self-disciplined and realistic.   Every so often she needs alone time to recharge her energy.


How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments below.