Handwriting analysis results: Gillian

Handwriting analysis week continues!

So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, Kate, and Sally.  I’m waiting on a better sample from Neeks.

Now it’s Gillian’s turn.  Here’s her sample:

Handwriting sample from Gillian

Gillian's handwriting sample

And here’s my impression of Gillian’s personality based on her writing style:

Light pressure, relatively small letters, detailed letters:  Sensitive, gentle, spiritual

Curved letter forms:  Easygoing, pleasant, kind

Fast writing, simplified letter forms:  Fast thinker, powerful imagination

Upright slant that occasionally goes backward:  A rational person, introverted, withdraws into self when under pressure

Straight baseline, even margins:  Self-disciplined

Pointed top of letter “m” – investigator, researcher,  ferrets out information, plays detective

Big upper-zone loops, i-dot high :  Imaginative, ambitious

Full, closed lower loops:  satisfied with physical life ( good sex life? or just happy playing a sport or something similar)

Some simplified lower loops:  Independent

Wide word spacing:  needs plenty of space, physical and emotional

Connected letters:  Logical

Ascending signature:  Optimistic

Gillian is a somewhat introverted, but intellectually lively and emotionally sensitive person.  She is very imaginative, but her approach to life is self-disciplined and realistic.   Every so often she needs alone time to recharge her energy.


How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Handwriting analysis results: Gillian

  1. The vast majority of this is right on. The rest, is more about me letting some personal baggage get in the way. Thank you this was amazing!

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