Handwriting Analysis Results: Neeks

Handwriting Analysis Week will continue into the weekend…

So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally and  Gillian.

Now it’s Neeks’ turn!

Neeks' handwriting sample

And here’s what I can make out despite my eyestrain:

Slightly backward slant:  Somewhat introverted

Narrow letters:  Anxiety, social inhibition

Arcade formations in the M and N letters: keeps feelings to self;  desire for  free expression but afraid to rock the boat

Curved letters:  Accommodating nature

Tall “I” that points at itself:  Wants public recognition

Baselines:  can’t read because lined paper was used,  however, Neeks seems pretty self-disciplined

Open left-trailing y:  feeling unfulfilled in a physical way (no, I’m not going there, she may just want to play a sport and not be able to)

Connected letters: Logical

Precisely placed i-dots:  Careful, detail-oriented

Closed, looped letter o:  Secretive

Narrow pointy capital D:  Tense about something in the imaginative realm, maybe an unfinished project?

How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments.

For some reason, I’m now craving chocolate.  Sweet,  decadent, creamy chocolate.

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