Handwriting Analysis Results: Sarah

Handwriting Analysis Week continues.

I’ve done the Limebird Writers and friends  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally and  Gillian.

Now it’s Sarah’s turn.  Sarah posted a link to her handwriting sample over on her blog.  Here it is:

Sarah's handwriting sample

Sarah's handwriting sample

The first thing I notice about Sarah’s writing is that it is greatly simplified.  The letter formation is clear and easy to read, but the style is idiosyncratic.  This kind of writing is often found among artistic people.  Sarah marches to her own drummer and it’s quite likely anything she does is distinctively hers.

She’s used lined paper, so I can’t tell anything about the baselines, but the lower loops get tangled with the letters below, which suggests that sometimes she gets caught up in other people to the point where she forgets about herself – but the tangling isn’t too bad, so the trait isn’t that major a problem.

Slight backward slant:   Slightly introverted

Simplified capitals (very simplified overall): Literary as well as artistic

No upper or lower loops:  Independent

Medium-heavy pressure:  Reasonably good energy level and vitality

Some needle points on the letter m:  Curious,  likes solving puzzles and mysteries

Narrow middle zone : Feels some tension in the social sphere


How did I do?  Let me know in the comments below.

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