Last chance for a free handwriting analysis

It’s been fun doing these.  I hope I have remembered everybody who wanted a handwriting analysis, but if you don’t see yours up,  reply to this comment with a link to your sample.  Analyses of Raven and Ster are coming up later today.

Samples should be two paragraphs or so, written on unlined paper with a fountain or gel pen (not ballpoint or felt-tip or pencil) and big enough for me to read.

I have to get ready to do my weekly blog feature for tomorrow, Sundays with Clyfford Still,  so I have to finish up the handwriting analyses by the end of today.

I’m hoping the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver can get me a sample of his handwriting, so I can do an analysis of a famous artist.  That would be fun (not to mention a blog exclusive!)

Thanks to everyone who participated.  This has been an amazingly popular subject.  I KNEW I should have done this for a living!

Handwriting analysis results: Susannah

Handwriting Analysis week continues into the weekend..

So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally,  and Neeks, and Limebird friends GillianShannon and Sarah.

Now it’s Susannah’s turn.

We have here another writer who uses threading – and we know from a previous sample that this indicates a diplomatic person who thinks very rapidly, almost too rapidly to communicate clearly.  The mind races and hand with the pen can barely keep up.

The large broad capitals in Susannah’s writing suggest that she has a strong need to be appreciated and validated, but she is a broadminded person too.

Small light writing indicate a sensitive person who notices small things and focuses inward, away from the material plane.

Long unclosed lower loops indicate an unfulfilled longing of some physical kind.  Emphasis on the lower zone indicates this longing is quite strong and a major part of the personality.

Short light t-bars that sometimes don’t cross the stem indicates a lack of confidence and some difficulty asserting oneself, but the rising final arch of the “m” indicates a desire for self-expression.

Connected letters indicate a logical mind.

Open loops indicate that Susannah is a very open person who likes to share.

Wide spaces between words show that Susannah needs space and doesn’t like feeling boxed in.

The baseline dips down toward the right, showing a slight tendency to feeling down or a lack of energy.  That often happens when you come all the way from Alabama with a banjo on your knee.  😉

How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments below.