Handwriting analysis results: Susannah

Handwriting Analysis week continues into the weekend..

So far I have done the Limebird Writers  Laura, Beth, Aaron, KateSally,  and Neeks, and Limebird friends GillianShannon and Sarah.

Now it’s Susannah’s turn.

We have here another writer who uses threading – and we know from a previous sample that this indicates a diplomatic person who thinks very rapidly, almost too rapidly to communicate clearly.  The mind races and hand with the pen can barely keep up.

The large broad capitals in Susannah’s writing suggest that she has a strong need to be appreciated and validated, but she is a broadminded person too.

Small light writing indicate a sensitive person who notices small things and focuses inward, away from the material plane.

Long unclosed lower loops indicate an unfulfilled longing of some physical kind.  Emphasis on the lower zone indicates this longing is quite strong and a major part of the personality.

Short light t-bars that sometimes don’t cross the stem indicates a lack of confidence and some difficulty asserting oneself, but the rising final arch of the “m” indicates a desire for self-expression.

Connected letters indicate a logical mind.

Open loops indicate that Susannah is a very open person who likes to share.

Wide spaces between words show that Susannah needs space and doesn’t like feeling boxed in.

The baseline dips down toward the right, showing a slight tendency to feeling down or a lack of energy.  That often happens when you come all the way from Alabama with a banjo on your knee.  😉

How’d I do?  Let me know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Handwriting analysis results: Susannah

  1. Susannah…broad-minded, sensitive, focuses away from the material plane (if you mean material things, I would agree), yes. Open person – I would agree. Self-expression – I think Susannah does this very well on her blog! And I would say, from my own perspective, that Susannah IS appreciated. By me.

    Cool, can you do me? Or is it too late?

  2. I don’t know Susannah personally, but she and I have been blogging buddies for almost a year. Most of the above sounds like her just from interacting across cyberspace…I’ll have to make sure she saw this!

    Thanks Exiled Star!

  3. Thank you so much, MK 🙂 Most of it is accurate, just a couple that don’t ring true and I think are more due to my lazy, yet speedy writing technique LOL
    This was so fun! Thanks again.

  4. Hi Susannah. Glad you liked most of your analysis 🙂

    If I’m wrong about something, I’d love to know what, if you don’t mind talking about it. Reviewing things I missed helps me to improve my skills.

  5. Okay 🙂 Cool.
    I don’t suffer from a lack of confidence and have no trouble asserting myself (that’s actually an area I keep a pretty tight rein on so I don’t become bossy!).
    And I don’t have a tendency to feeling down or lack energy – I am a very up-beat person and I like to be doing something all the time; my husband wishes I lacked energy!
    While I do like space, I also love being with people and interacting. Also, while I am a very open person and am happy to share ie material possessions, time, knowledge etc, I am also very private and almost have to be bribed to talk about how I really ‘feel’ about things.
    Apart from that, it’s all pretty true 🙂
    I wonder if the crossing the t’s thing is more that I just write so fast…? You were spot on about my hand not moving fast enough to keep up with my brain, although I have managed, when communicating verbally, to slow down my speech and thoughts so I am coherent and don’t say a heap of stuff that I shouldn’t! (learnt that particular lesson the hard way – repeatedly!) I think that’s also why I prefer typing; I can type much faster than I can write with a pen.

  6. Your baselines were drooping towards the end, which usually means a tendency to run out of energy and/or a tendency toward pessimism and dejection. But if, for example, you were writing on an unstable surface, the lines might not be as straight as they would normally be – and that would affect the interpretation.

    Glad I got some of it right though!

  7. I have a handwriting example, but not sure how to attach a photo link here. I am a little internet challenged. I am going to try to attach via my pic files. If you cannot open it, would you contact me please? karenselliott at midco.net

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