Last chance for a free handwriting analysis

It’s been fun doing these.  I hope I have remembered everybody who wanted a handwriting analysis, but if you don’t see yours up,  reply to this comment with a link to your sample.  Analyses of Raven and Ster are coming up later today.

Samples should be two paragraphs or so, written on unlined paper with a fountain or gel pen (not ballpoint or felt-tip or pencil) and big enough for me to read.

I have to get ready to do my weekly blog feature for tomorrow, Sundays with Clyfford Still,  so I have to finish up the handwriting analyses by the end of today.

I’m hoping the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver can get me a sample of his handwriting, so I can do an analysis of a famous artist.  That would be fun (not to mention a blog exclusive!)

Thanks to everyone who participated.  This has been an amazingly popular subject.  I KNEW I should have done this for a living!

11 thoughts on “Last chance for a free handwriting analysis

  1. Okay, Raven and Ster are being worked on and will come out either late tonight or on Sunday after I finish with Clyffie. I did find a handwriting sample for him, which was great.

    Thanks to everyone who participated.

  2. Hullo Exiled Star, I think I may be a little too late to the party with time zones and such. Have so enjoyed reading all your analyses.

    Here’s a link to mine just-in-case I can squeeze in… BUT absolutely no pressure, I know you’ve done heaps!

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