Handwriting analysis results: Raven

I have just finished doing my blog feature for tomorrow, it is -30 C outside and I am sitting here with rapidly freezing feet, so this has to be  a quick and dirty handwriting analysis.

Here we have Raven:

Raven's handwriting sample

Raven's handwriting sample

Raven’s writing reminds me of my high school friend Erin.  The notes we used to write each other!  Anyway, here we go with the analysis:

Rounded handwriting:  Gentle,  kind nature

Double looped letter o suggests that Raven has some secrets.

Slightly forward slant indicates friendliness and talkativeness

Connected letters indicate a logical, structured approach to problem solving

Low t-bars suggest self-esteem issues and the need to set higher goals for oneself

The flat topped r shows manual dexterity, the ability to build with the hands.

The I gesturing at itself shows the desire to be noticed

I can’t tell much about mood because this is written on lined paper which messes up the baseline.  Nor can I analyze the margins, because it’s a poem and not a letter so the margins aren’t natural.

Some lower loops closed, some open:  Physical desire is present, some of it gratified, some not

Pointed upper loops and tops of m’s and n’s indicate curiosity and the desire for knowledge.

My toes are going numb and I still have to do Ster’s analysis so I must end here.  Hope you got something out of this, Raven!




One thought on “Handwriting analysis results: Raven

  1. You try to stay warm!

    I’m sorry I didn’t see the instructions about letter or no lined paper. I missed that, but I always write crooked, leaning off to the left, eventually, which is why I always use lined paper. And I always go over the margins.

    Thanks for that!! You hit it pretty good. I’m not sure about the secrets…I probably have some secrets from myself as well. I’m pretty open. I suppose there are some things that most people don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind sharing, I just haven’t had a need… The rest is pretty dead on!

    Hope you find a way to stay warm hon. Put on lots of extra socks!!!

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