Handwriting analysis results: Ster

-30 C outside, can’t feel my toes, can’t feel my ankles either.  I am sitting here in my nightgown and winter coat.

The radiators going full blast, even the oven is turned on and opened up, and I am still freezing.  This would be an excellent opportunity to work on that novel about Scott’s last Antarctic expedition that I was planning, but I have to finish up some things first.  Namely, the last of the handwriting analyses.

If I somehow missed anybody who wanted an analysis, do not despair.  Just hang on to your samples because I might do handwriting analysis week again in a month or two.  Right now I am about analyzed OUT.

Here is Ster’s analysis, a quick and dirty one before I succumb to hypothermia.

Ster's handwriting sample

Ster’s writing looks an awful lot like mine.

The analysis:

Large writing:  a big-picture person

Concave t-bars:  good sense of humor

Large upper zone:  the main focus of interest is in the realm of imagination

De-emphasized lower zone:   Not much interested in the physical; non-materialistic

Upright slant occasionally tilting backward:  Rational, sometimes a little shy, changeable mood

Rounded letters:  kind, tolerant, easygoing

Simplified capitals:  Literary, unpretentious

Looped but open letters:  has difficulty keeping secrets.  Tries, but things just slip out.

Even baseline with slight ascension: good self-discipline, optimistic

Needle-pointed top of m and n:  curiosity, natural detective, desire to dig deep for answers

Both connected and unconnected letters:  A mix of rational and intuitive thinking styles, mostly intuitive

Now I’m frozen up to my knees so I must really stop here.  I hope you’ve gotten something out of this, Ster!

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