Handwriting analysis results: Tracy

Here’s some leftovers from Handwriting Analysis week on accounta it turned out to be so popular.   My toes are fixing to freeze again, so I’ll have to do these the quick ‘n’ dirty way.

Tracy sent me her sample, and here it is.

Tracy's handwriting sample

Tracy has a distinctive, almost calligraphic writing style that suggests artistic ability.

The rolled T-bars indicate a jolly sense of humor.

Her baselines slope upward, which shows that she’s optimistic about the future.

The letterforms are somewhat angular, which suggests tension and/or some force to the personality.  Maybe she’s a really assertive librarian.   Nobody talks above a whisper in her library!

The high t-bars show high goals and a lofty imagination.

Mostly disconnected letters show an intuitive thinker.

Simplified capitals show someone who is literary.

Long lower loops indicate some kind of interest in physical or material things, but many of these loops are unclosed, which indicate frustration there.


By the way, it is normal for our handwriting to deviate from what we were taught as children.  The more that happens, the more we’ve grown as individuals.  “Perfect” handwriting is for the unimaginative conformists of the world.

Questions?  Comments?  That’s what the comment box is for.

4 thoughts on “Handwriting analysis results: Tracy

  1. You are an absolute star, MK!!! Especially given that you had actually finished with Ster’s AND the freezing conditions you are working in…I can’t even imagine a bitterly cold -30C! A heartfelt thank you. 😀

    I’m as fascinated as ever. I think this is a pretty accurate summation of my character from the few paragraphs you had. I’ll facebook & reblog to see if others agree. I am indeed an assertive librarian, but more on the ‘non-shush’ end of the scale. 😉 And I laughed over the frustration with regards to physical or material things… I’d dearly love to have a place of my own, for example… it’s the lack of money (or is that money handling 😉 ) that’s the problem!

    Once again, thank you – I’m glad to be following your blog through the Limebird Writers referral.

  2. Reblogged this on Snagglewordz and commented:
    An analysis of my handwriting from artist, M.K. Hajdin, of Exiled Stardust (love that name!) What do you think?

    MK has done a number of samples including our friends the Limebirds, so make sure you check out her blog. The latest post on the handwriting of artist, Clyfford Still is a must read. It’s truly fascinating.

    • Gilly, you’re so funny… or is that Doctor Gilly. 😉 I bet you are exaggerating big time! Remember what MK says, ““Perfect” handwriting is for the unimaginative conformists of the world.” 😀

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