The view from my balcony #13: Deep Freeze edition

Balcony at dawn

Beautiful iridescent clouds over the frozen balcony

It’s -30 C.  For you Americans out there, that’s -22 F.

More frozen balcony goodness after the jump.

Looking out on my snow-covered balcony

Looking out onto the frozen balcony

I can officially state that ALL my plants, even the ones that weren’t entirely dead, are now Officially Entirely Dead.  Thanks, deep freeze!

Sun over the balcony

After sunrise

The sun is overexposed.  Who cares.

Snow covered palette

Snow covered table with my palette on it

Somewhere under all the snow on this table is my glass palette, the one you saw me cleaning earlier.   I’m not digging it out anyway because it’s too cold to paint.  At these temperatures, the paint is like dried-out toothpaste;  impossible.

Oh, sure, I’M miserable, but don’t those hills in the distance look pretty?

Warm me up with some shameless flattery in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “The view from my balcony #13: Deep Freeze edition

  1. The hills are pretty, but are they alive? Okay, that was shameful, I’m sorry.

    I love the soft colors that blend with the snow. It’s a lovely view. I’m sure the softness is deceptive of the harsh temperature. Stay warm!

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