Spooky Forest Photo of the Day

I took this back in October, but I’m putting it up because it has no snow in it.  I am sick of snow, thankyouverymuch.

Spooky Forest photo

The woods are lovely, dark and deep

The company of trees often seems more congenial than that of humans.  Possibly because trees aren’t very judgmental,  few of them follow fashion trends, and none of them watch sports.

6 thoughts on “Spooky Forest Photo of the Day

  1. I miss the snow 😦 It has snowed once in Kentucky this winter season. Mostly it’s been in the 50’s and 60’s which is so strange. Then you hear of places like where you are experiencing insane amounts of snow. Why oh why can’t mother nature be kind and spread it all out instead of making it a practical heat wave in one place and frozen tundra in another. *shakes fist at the weather*

    • I wax not nostalgic, for I must go out in this frozen mess to buy more provisions. I ate my way through the food that was supposed to last me a week in only 2 days, because it is so cold and somehow the cold makes me hungry. Think I’m burning extra calories just to keep, well, not warm, but only semi frozen.

      It is snowing. Those big flakes that look pretty in photographs. I curse them, every one.

      On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to live in Siberian exile, and now I know.

  2. Hi Exiled,

    I feel for you, although I’ll say that the winter here in New Hampshire has been quite mild this season. But I’m not a winter lover except at Christmas time. Give me fragrant springs and woodsy autumns any day. I can’t imagine having to deal with frozen rivers.

    I’m curious about your living situation, if you don’t mind me prying. I noticed in a few of your posts that you comment on how cold you are, even inside? Where do you live? Is heating not an option?

  3. I live in a Balkan farmhouse that has radiators and a wood-burning boiler. But here’s the thing: the insulation sucks, because this house is old, and the boiler is too small. Originally only the lower part of this house was meant to be inhabited. What I’m living in was originally a hayloft. The hay would have provided lots of insulation and there would only be half as much house to heat.

    But, now that the hayloft is an apartment, the boiler has twice as much space to heat. And when it’s really cold, it just can’t keep up. Not to mention someone has to go down to the boiler room (only accessible from outside) and keep shoving in wood every couple of hours or so, or the boiler goes out, and we’re no warmer in here than outside.

  4. Oh my goodness. That sounds dreadful. But I do like the sound of living in a Balkan farmhouse. I bet you draw a lot of inspiration from the setting.

    Well, hopefully winter won’t be lasting too much longer for you. I’ll send some warm sunshine your way. 🙂

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