Handwriting analysis results: Karen

Though the weather outside is frightful, it is relatively warm in here for a brief hour or two – someone has put enough wood in the boiler for once – so I am taking the opportunity to finish up the last of the handwriting analyses. Here is Karen’s.

Karen's handwriting sample

Karen’s writing is interesting because it starts out small-ish and gets bigger toward the end.  This suggests someone who is very frank and straightforward about what she is thinking and feeling, sometimes to the point of tactlessness.

Baselines ascending:  optimistic, looking forward to future

Connected letters:  Logical

Concave T-bars:  jolly, good sense of humor

Most upper and lower loops are balanced, which means the intellectual and physical drives are pretty well balanced, except there are a few big lower loops which aren’t closed, indicating imagination and some unfulfilled desire in this area, either for physical activity or material things.

Unusual “I” formation – quirky personality, likes to talk, wants attention.

Long terminal strokes:  sentimental, wants to hold to people and things

The writing has plenty of energy and what I call  “swing”.    This indicates, as you might guess, the writer has plenty of energy and is of a cheery disposition.

Covering stroke on the signature:  a protective attitude toward the self and loved ones; this stroke is like an arm thrown up to ward off a blow.

..And now the radiators have gone cold again, and my toes are going numb, so I must stop here.  I hope you got something out of this, Karen!

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The view from my balcony #14 – South Pole edition

Okay, it’s not really the South Pole.  I’m sure the South Pole would be a lot warmer.  I’m thinking of booking a holiday there to get away from the cold.

I was supposed to go out for more provisions today and in search of the ever-elusive electric blanket (I have one on my bed, but I want one for my writing chair, so I can blog without freezing), but one look outside the window convinced me I am not going anywhere today unless I want my frozen corpse to be found a mere eleven miles from my supply camp.  (Yes, I am obsessed with R. F. Scott.)

Looking out my back door

Snow on my flowerboxes

My palette's under there somewhere

My palette's under there somewhere

More snow on the balcony

I was going to write something else here but I think my neurons are frozen too.