The view from my balcony #14 – South Pole edition

Okay, it’s not really the South Pole.  I’m sure the South Pole would be a lot warmer.  I’m thinking of booking a holiday there to get away from the cold.

I was supposed to go out for more provisions today and in search of the ever-elusive electric blanket (I have one on my bed, but I want one for my writing chair, so I can blog without freezing), but one look outside the window convinced me I am not going anywhere today unless I want my frozen corpse to be found a mere eleven miles from my supply camp.  (Yes, I am obsessed with R. F. Scott.)

Looking out my back door

Snow on my flowerboxes

My palette's under there somewhere

My palette's under there somewhere

More snow on the balcony

I was going to write something else here but I think my neurons are frozen too.







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