The view from my balcony #16 – Stop Snowing Already Dammit edition

View from my balcony

View from my balcony, now with snowier flowerboxes

Yes, it is snowing AGAIN.

On Friday I was out shopping, but neglected to buy enough food, because I couldn’t carry it along with the electric blanket (you should know that I walk everywhere, so I am limited to what I can carry over long distances).  Also I had just eaten.  You know how they always tell you to shop when you’re full so you don’t buy too much food?  That advice works too well.  I was so stuffed I didn’t want to look at any food, so I bought almost nothing, then I get home and am HUNGRY.

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Sundays with Clyfford Still: Superb Owl edition (1.5)

Welcome to Sundays With Clyfford Still.  I’m your host, M.K. Hajdin.

This is post 1.5.  Why?  Because it isn’t 1 and but really isn’t complete enough to be 2.

I’m slaving away in an exotic foreign land and I forget what’s going on in the world I left behind, so I was suprised to discover last week that poor Clyffie was pre-empted by that peculiar American phenomenon which my British friends call the Superb Owl.

Clyff's go-to-hell K

What IS a "go to hell K"?


I’m currently working on three different Clyffcentric pieces for this blog, but the freezing cold has slowed down their production.  I really worked hard on last week’s piece and want it to get another chance,  so please go and read it.


Before I leave you, though, I want to explain why I am hosting this blog.

I got to know Clyfford Still through images of his work alone.  Something about them just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  The man himself was something of a mystery.

1950-M no. 1

1950 M-no.1 by Clyfford Still

Sundays with Clyfford Still invites you to follow along as we look at Still’s work and try to understand his personality and his life.

Now go look at last week’s post!  And next week, I’ll be talking more about the mystery surrounding Clyff.

Questions?  Comments?  That’s what the comment box is for! 

Also, you can tweet me on Twitter with the hashtag #clyffordlove if you have any juicy tidbits or photos to share.