The view from my balcony #16 – Stop Snowing Already Dammit edition

View from my balcony

View from my balcony, now with snowier flowerboxes

Yes, it is snowing AGAIN.

On Friday I was out shopping, but neglected to buy enough food, because I couldn’t carry it along with the electric blanket (you should know that I walk everywhere, so I am limited to what I can carry over long distances).  Also I had just eaten.  You know how they always tell you to shop when you’re full so you don’t buy too much food?  That advice works too well.  I was so stuffed I didn’t want to look at any food, so I bought almost nothing, then I get home and am HUNGRY.

Blizzard on the balcony

And my palette could be a miniature ski resort.


Snowed up balcony and palette

My palette's under there somewhere

4 thoughts on “The view from my balcony #16 – Stop Snowing Already Dammit edition

  1. Lovely photos. It’s a little cold here, but nothing compared to there. Glad you got your blanket. Any place there deliver food? (or is that a very silly thing to say)

  2. Yes, there are a couple of places in Krsko that deliver, but: I don’t have a phone to call them, there is a big language barrier, and they would never be able to find my house, as it is in the countryside and the address is unmarked.

    Not to mention the snow out there would be pretty hard to drive in.

    The closest realistic possibility is a little restaurant about a kilometer from my house, but I would have to walk there. I’m trying to decide if I’m hungry enough for it to be worth it.

  3. No! It wasn’t like this the last two years. Barely any snow on the ground then if at all.

    Now, it’s 2:51 am on Monday, February 13th, and it is STILL snowing, and I just heard the snowplow go by.

    So I can only imagine what the view from my balcony #17 is going to look like.

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