More snowy balcony goodness

I know I already did a balcony post, but that was before dawn.  The sun has come out now and reveals the following:

Snow on balcony

Sunny, snowy balcony

What are those mysterious footsteps leading away?  And why is there a big black spot in the snow where they began?   Have I been visited by the Abominable Snowman?  Could he be some kind of pyromaniac?

These are the kind of thoughts you start to have when you’ve been snowed in for weeks on end, people.

The view from my balcony #17 – Neverending Blizzard Edition

It’s still snowing here, folks.  Hundreds of people dead in the Balkans so far.  Makes me wonder what’s happened to the people I saw sleeping in abandoned buildings in Mostar.  Those buildings still had live ammunition lodged in them and weren’t safe to be in, but there were people sleeping in them anyway.  Awful poverty in Bosnia. Makes me feel a little guilty to sit here on my electrically heated ass complaining because I can’t get to the supermarket.

Anyway, here is what my balcony looks like this morning.

Snowy view from a snowy balcony

More snow than ever

..and my palette, buried under the balcony snow

Snow on balcony

Palette still under there somewhere