Happy Effing Valentine’s Day

If there is still anybody on the internet who is offended by the use of profanity and/or will not like me any more if I express my feelings in a vulgar and profane fashion more suited to a sailor or rap star than a respectable young lady:  please just scroll on by and DON’T click that line on the bottom of this post that says “Continue Reading”.  Just back away slowly.

So it’s Valentine’s Day, the second most egregious*  in the capitalist list of days when you are expected to buy and consume overpriced products for your loved one, or feel like hell because you don’t have anyone to buy overpriced crap for, or anyone who will buy overpriced crap for you.

*the most egregious being Christmas

The only good thing about February 14th is that I get to make candy hearts with rude messages.  Here some of them are!

Feel free to rip them off and use them as you wish.

Valentine’s Day, please bite my anti-materialistic, socialist, feminist punk ass.

Candy hearts courtesy of Acme Heart Maker.

3 thoughts on “Happy Effing Valentine’s Day

  1. I’d like to hand out the “Daft punk” and “Fool” ones to some of my students. That would make my valentine’s day complete.

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