In which I engage in tiresome but necessary domestic tasks

Dear readers, I know you were expecting something from me with more words in it, but I have finally found a burst of energy and am using it to clean the cat box, so no time to post.

Believe me, this was necessary.  The cats were about to stage an armed revolt.

But I have something for you too look at in the meantime. Here’s a nice old house from a village called Senovo.  I walked to this village the other day to eat at a restaurant there, and took this photo along the way.  I got so many good photos on this trip.  I have to resize them for the web and post them.  Really nice snow pictures.

And I fake Instagrammed this on a PC with some Photoshop filters.  So there,  you smug Iphone owners!  I can take fake-vintage pictures too!

Fake instagram of Senovo house

My fake retro is just good as your fake retro

A view of my world, now with 100% less balcony

The sun going down over the trees

Rural Slavic road in winter


You’ve seen this road near my house before, but I think this picture turned out better.   Taken while walking to town in search of provisions.  The fields all around silent and serene under their glittering quilt of snow.