Art quote of the day: Flaming Life by Clyfford Still

Like Belmonte weaving the pattern of his being by twisting the powerful bulls around him, I seem to achieve a comparable ecstasy in bringing forth the flaming life through these large areas of canvas. And as the blues or reds or blacks leap and quiver in their tenuous ambience or rise in austere thrusts to carry their power infinitely beyond the bounds of the limiting field, I move with them and find a resurrection from the moribund oppressions that held me only hours ago. 

— Clyfford Still

Clyfford Still 1949 no. 1
Clyfford Still, 1949 No. 1 (PH-385), 1949

..For love that melts the snows is love unknown

reflection in puddle

Reflecting pool

This melting of snow had nothing to do with Virginia Astley’s lovely song.

Though if love HAD melted it, it would have been awesome.

Temperature:  Slightly Less Freezing (obviously)