Art question of the day: “Where’s YOUR paintings, M?”

Imagine that you and I are lounging around in my front room, on a comfy imaginary suede sofa and finishing off a bottle of dry white wine.   Imagine that it’s some other season than the dead of winter, or we would be huddled in misery over an electric underblanket rather than lounging.

My imaginary couch

My imaginary couch, though it would be a lighter color and not have Coco Chanel draped all over it

After looking around at all the half-finished paintings on my walls, you might ask me:

“M., your dedication to Clyfford Still borders on obsession and you blog about other artists, your balcony, and people’s handwriting.  But you’re an artist, and this is supposed to be  your art blog.  Right?  So where’s your art? Don’t tell us your portfolio at, because there’s only like 4 pictures in it.  Where are all the rest?”

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Guess what this is? Round #2

Guess what this is?

Guess what this is?

My first installment of “Guess what this is?” proved so popular, I’ve brought it back for another round.   Can you identify this mystery object?

What a complex picture, with its swirly blue lines and interesting red globs.  What could it be?

If you think you know, tell me in the comments box below!   The solution will be posted tomorrow.