Quote of the Day: What doesn’t work

We learn just as much if not more about what works from what doesn’t work. We see what we never want to be, or what we never want to do. The things we love show us a bar to set.

Ottabelle from this discussion

This is especially relevant to me right now, because over the weekend I was unexpectedly confronted with something that bothered me very much on an ethical level, and I’ve been turning over in my mind whether to write about it or not. If I confront the issue,  I run the risk of alienating some people, even friends. If I don’t confront it, I run the risk of alienating myself.

Integrity, as they say, lies in being true to yourself.  So I guess I have one more blog post on the back burner now.

Painting I am working on: temporary title Cyan

Painting I am working on. Temporary title: Cyan

P.S. : LOL.