Lyrical Abstraction of the Day: Terry Chipp

Okay, the lines are a little angular to be 100% lyrical, but close enough.

Deep, brooding, oceanic atmosphere broken up by strange angular structures that look like sticks bound together.  Love the iridescent effect of the background.

See more of Terry Chipp’s art at his website.

Painting by Terry Chipp

05.05.06 by Terry Chipp, acrylic on board, 120 x 120cm

6 thoughts on “Lyrical Abstraction of the Day: Terry Chipp

  1. This is exactly what I like about much of Terry’s stuff – it explores and occupies so nicely that space between abstract and representational, leaving the mind to wander where it will.

  2. You are all very kind. I once set out to explain the inspiration, references and making processes of this piece – after 4 pages I gave up and decided to leave it to the viewer. They seem to make a better job of it.

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