Space Art of the Day by C.M. Wong. Also, spammers are getting all deep

Deep Space Omegon by C.M. Wong

Deep Space Omegon by C.M. Wong, courtesy of International Space Art Network

I usually delete all the spam comments but this one was just too good to resist.  I quote it in its entirety:

‘…What was outside space before space expanded…”. Absolutely and totally unknown..! No matter what others might say, that’s the *only* correct answer to that question. There are a number of ideas about pre-Big Bang, but not one of them can be proven at this time.. . “…will space continue to expand forever…”. Another question with no definite answer. At this time it’s generally thought that the universe will expand indefinitely until all the things *in* the universe have decayed totally away and nothing is left but absolute darkness and empty space. Another thought is that the universe *might* rip completely apart due to the increased expansion rate that was discovered several years ago, kind of like the popping balloon you mention. However, no one is certain what the final fate of our universe will be.

Name and website of spammer withheld for obvious reasons 😀