Flying into the aurora

Now this is a job I wouldn’t mind having.

The kind of effects I struggle to capture in paint on canvas are conjured up by magnetized particles with the greatest of ease.

We look at space and feel small.  And it’s good for us.


Via @openculture and @youtube

2 thoughts on “Flying into the aurora

  1. Reblogged this on Talk Art and commented:
    This video of the Auroa hold the coolest images I’ve ever seen captured anywhere! And I’ve seen a lot— I went to college in Fairbanks, AK. Many years ago, I moved to the San Francisco Bay area and still pine for those lights.
    My pet dreamy theory: if there are aliens visiting Earth, it’s to see the Auroa,; like how we love traveling to national parks.

    • Welcome aboard!
      My pet theory is that we humans are the galactic equivalent of the kid in kindergarten who spent the whole day in the corner eating paste. We’re hopeless dorks. The rest of the universe is tactfully avoiding us.

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