Man, superman, and misogyny

A tweet on my timeline this morning:

“Beating @joliclown at Words With Friends makes me feel  like a man.  Beating her by 107 points makes me feel like SUPERMAN”.

If I point out every instance of misogyny on the internet I’ll be here typing away for at least the next thousand years, but this reminded me of something from my past and I just couldn’t let it go.

Further tweets revealed the culprit to be her own son, which excuses it not at all.  Note that he said beating his mother at something didn’t make him feel like an adult, which is gender neutral at least on the surface.  He said it made him feel like a MAN.  And the idea there is that one gets to earn adult male status by defeating women.

Holy misogyny, Superman.

Pretty non-misogynist flowers

We should all be doing non-competitive stuff like flower gazing

Sit a spell,  dear readers,  and I’ll tell you a story from my past:

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Today I’ve been invited to Brezice again to visit Ozara.  They’ll be picking up trash along the road,  and I will support them in this unglamorous but environmentally friendly task.

In the meantime, I leave you with one of my recent experiments in close-up floral photography.   This one turned out fairly well in spite of my rotten little camera.

I loved primroses even before I knew what they were called.  They aren’t native to the western U.S., so when I came to Europe I had never seen them before.  The way they suddenly appear in the grass and turn it into what looks like a green and yellow Persian carpet is magical.


Primroses a-bloom in the woods