I am not dead

Here are some apple blossoms to celebrate.

Apple Blossoms

Experiments in macro photography

Oh, and if I should wind up missing for an extended time, I probably came home afyer 10pm and got murdered for it by my landlady.

It’s my apartment, I pay for it, but…she controls the door.  If her keys are in the lock on the inside, I can’t get my key in the lock to open it.  She knows this.  She still leaves her keys in the lock, so I have to knock on the door, and she has to come stomping out to the hall to let me in.   She opens the door to the stairway that leads up to my apartment, giving me the evil eye as she does so.  I’d show you a picture of her scowling visage, but it’s illegal to take people’s pictures without permission here.  Imagine the mask of Satan.