Happy with a side of apple blossoms

I hardly ever write when I’m happy, because I’m one of those people who are motivated by crisis, but today I was really freaking happy, happy with sufficient intensity to inspire a post about being happy.

Three reasons to be happy today:

It is going to rain.  (It has been dry all last month and that’s not good for spring.  Also, I’m a strange person who enjoys stormy weather).

I was about to go to Krsko to shop, when the train in the other direction arrived and I impulsively hopped on it and went to Sevnica instead.  In Sevnica there is a kebab shop where you can get cheese on your kebab.  Cheesy kebabs are important to me.  I can’t get them in Krsko.  I can’t get them in Brezice.  I ordered it all in Slovene and the guy understood me.  We didn’t have to muddle through a fractured conversation in English/German/Slovene like we did last time.

I walked around in Sevnica and it was springtime and the trees were very pretty, though I forgot to bring my camera.  Photo below is from a few days ago.

Apple blossoms with electric plant in background

New life

When I caught the train home from Sevnica, the lady conductor recognized me and said, in Slovene, that she was used to seeing me going back and forth from Krsko but now I am going from Sevnica (which is in the opposite direction from Krsko).  I understood her though I could not answer.

I get home and my landlady opens the door for me without too much obvious hatred.    Online I discover that a friend I once thought forever lost is following me again on Twitter.  And I have a bottle of champagne.   Cheap-ass champagne, to be sure, but still.

Now if only people would quit tweeting me silly links to the Daily Mail.