Twitter and Sports: I Finally Take a Stand

This is going to lose me half my followers.  Wait.  No, it won’t.   Only like 2 of my Twitter followers actually read my blog.

Anyway, I feel the need to explain something about Twitter and sports.

If you are watching a sports event…


Why not?

IF anybody who follows you gives a tinker’s cuss about the game, THEY WILL BE WATCHING IT THEMSELVES.    So you don’t need to tell them every little thing that happens.  They already know!

The rest of us do not give a fat rat’s clacker about sports, and we do not want to scroll past hundreds of subliterate, ill-considered tweets on the subject, particularly from people who otherwise tweet sanely.

Thank you.

– The Management




4 thoughts on “Twitter and Sports: I Finally Take a Stand

    • I would expect a sports network to have that information for anybody who might have missed the game. But a sports network is dedicated to the subject of sports, no?

      I’ve actually lost 2 friends so far by taking my anti-sports stand. One of them was so verbally abusive I had to block him.

      • Yes, I suppose. I guess I was referring to the people who watch the highlights after having already spent 3-4 hours watching the game. Then they read the highlights about the highlights on the internet the next day.

        I’m not surprised you lost “friends” over this. You hit ’em where it hurt, I guess. Poor little babies.

      • Point taken. I suppose anyone who gets angry enough at a blog post to resort to verbal abuse really wasn’t much of a friend in the first place.

        I can understand an interest in sports – I think they were invented to absorb excess testosterone that would otherwise manifest itself in random street violence – but complete obsession with sports is beyond me. It’s like an addiction.

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